APM INDIA Relocation Private Limited was establish 28 years back with the sole aim of providing best services to all our customers at a very competitive rate. Our proficient servicemen are expert and have master in the art of packing. They apply all their skills to ensure safe delivery to the new location. We can be your best choice when it comes to provide best packing services. If you relocating your home or office to a newer place and destination just give a call to our customer cell, who are always ready to help you in every walk of life. You can also visit our services and take a glance to our service page where every minute detail is offered with full transparency. We at APM India understand that moving and packing is not an easy thing. The process of packing involves a long process and it never been an easy task. A man need to balance his time and equally distribute it among family, business, work and other vital task of life. We help in balancing the same.

Loading Unloading

International Relocation

We at APM India Relocation offer all types of international packing moving services, relocation services, shipping of goods from the nearest port, freight forwarding, air cargo moving, air parcel delivery, cargo moving, import and export services through air ways and sea ways,. Visa clearance, custom clearance services and various other services related to international packing and moving services. Our staff members give personal touch to every valuable goods of customers to move it on time without making even as slight mistake. We have good link and have registered ourselves with all the major airlines and ship company which helps us to move the goods on time with perfection. So we are always there for you to help you out with our valuable services to move you goods to any nook and corner of the world. If you need any international packing moving services, fill up the above query form and send it to us. Our executive will call you back and will provide you with all the relevant details and estimates of shifting.

We provide customized services to relocate your corporate goods to fit the need of our corporate customers. We also recognize the specific requirements of goods and look for those special requirements to provide the services required. With latest packing techniques and competitive prices, we handle the goods with utmost care.

Doing business with international clients is an art of financial acumen. Lack of knowledge about a customer's culture can lead to misunderstanding, and embarrassment. APM India will include research on their clients' culture and regional etiquette when preparing to overseas shipments. We owns an entrepreneurship in international relocation.

Domestic Relocation

Domestic Relocation

APM INDIA Relocation offers all the necessary packing and unpacking arrangements to transfer all the goods, equipments and belongings under the supervision of experts. Whether you are moving an entire household or just a few items across boundaries or within India, we are here to help you out.

We pack your goods as per the nature of the item and using the best quality packaging material. Apart from the usual commercial and domestic items, we also transport Cars by special covered Car trailer all over India, providing you door to door transporter service. All the loading & unloading activities are done by skilled labors. The shipment is unpacked at the destination very professionally & with utmost care. APM INDIA Relocation Packers & Movers also arrange for Insurance documentation on your behalf to save your time & cost.

We have developed specialized-packing materials to give you the highest level of protection. High grade packing boxes are utilized to pack the goods carefully in order to avoid any kind of damage. For an international move, our highly experienced and trained international packers ensure that packing and loading at origin, unloading and unpacking at desired destination takes place correctly.

Our focus is to provide improved service, complete satisfaction of the client, and take up more initiatives to building up better image of the company. Each member of APM india Packers and Movers in India has under gone comprehensive training. All concerned staff is taught how to pack and which packing materials suit each item. All necessary steps are undertaken to deliver the consignments within the specified.

Vehicle Relocation

Vehicle Relocation

When you need to move a car from one place to the other, it seems to be a difficult task. We at APM INDIA Relocation, Movers and Packers Kolkata, make sure that the stress of moving your car and bike from one to the other place does not get to your head and the vehicle is moved without any hassles. We transport cars by special covered car trailers to all over India and World Wide with door to door service. It is done by trailers & containerized trucks specially designed for the safe carriage of cars. We transport cars by special covered car trailers to all over India and World Wide with door to door service. It is done by trailers & containerized trucks specially designed for the safe carriage of cars. Transporting a car can involve a number of risks but not when you take our services. Transporting your car is now an easy task, and your precious car will not receive any damages.

We, at APM India Relocation, take additional care while transporting your car because we realize that your car is a special and an expensive belonging. We know that your concerns while transferring your car is genuine and therefore we make every effort to make sure that your car does not even suffer a minor scratch.

We provide car trailers for the transfer of your cars. We arrange for safety of your car at every step, whether it is loading or relocation. Our professional staffs are responsible for carrying out the entire task with care and on time. Service delivered on time is what we believe in.

As similar to the goods, relocation of cars is also not limited to domestic areas. We relocate cars to foreign destinations too. Here also we conform to the safety standards and ensure that your vehicle reaches its destination on time.

APM India Relocation, Packers and Movers in Kolkata has offices in not only Kolkata but also in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Goa, Ahmedabad, Surat, Bangalore, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Patna, Lucknow, Jaipur and Guwahati. Customers can contact us at any of our offices and enquire about the details. Our friendly staff will do whatever they can to provide you with the required details. Any complaint as regards our services from our customers is treated with high degree of seriousness and is rectified as soon as possible.


We are moving towards a strong economy. We have now better standard of living and per capita income. Cars on road are its evidence. India is one of the favorite markets of car producer. Millions of car is sold out per year. This means million of new family owns a new car every year. If you are among the one happy family owing a car congrats! Now a phase of life comes when you have to move from one city to another. In that case we APM India are here to help you. Hire our car carrier service and transfer your entire tension to us. We guarantee your car will safely move to the new location. We are serving from different city in India and you can get us with simply logging to web sites. Just drop a mail and our representative will catch you soon with a very competitive quote never to miss. We, at APM INDIA Relocation Private Limited offer Car Carrier & Transportation Services in all over India. We offer worthwhile Car Carrier & Transportation Services and make sure that our customers get quick, smooth, and prompt deliveries of their car. These are the features which helped us to become your favorite.

Warehousing Services

Warehousing Services

The warehousing facility includes multiple loading docks with ample space for staging of materials for receiving and shipping. We understand and therefore comply by the customer's requirement for a safe storage of goods in transit. Our company has well guarded, secured and spacious warehouses and facilities across the country. Our warehouses at various offices are waterproof and every care is taken to keep all your valuables in best condition. These professionals are trained in standard warehouse procedures as well as specific methods to handle special materials. They maintain inventory controls for your materials from the time they arrive on our loading docks and go through the receiving process to the stocking locations. You will be always.

The main purpose of warehousing services deals with logistics, transportation, road transportation and shipping services. With the services of warehousing, you will be getting all the expertise needed to enhance your distribution center. Right from making the base to starting up the operations, you will receive all the important services from a warehousing service. They plan your project as per your budget by delivering the required essential processes, accompanied by timely services. You will also find warehousing services that are co-operative providing you with the services of transportation, shipping of goods, logistics and many more.



Long operating chains of APM India Relocation in the form of Packers and Movers in Kolkata, Packers and movers Bangalore, Packers and Movers in Bhubanewar , Packers and Movers in Mumbai, Packers and Movers in Delhi and Packers and movers functioning from 4 metropolitant city has helped the relocating firm to grow into one of the trusting moving service provider. Warehousing & storage services are yet another APM INDIA Relocation offerin. We store official goods, personal goods and the other stuffs in bulk. Hire the warehousing services of APM India as we offer secure and safe warehousing & storage services at different prime locations in India. Your goods are taken care as our's good and extreme professionalism is maintained in the entire processes. You can rely upon us for caring stuffs like computer, AC, furnitures, crockery, Televison, Electronic equipment, Musical instruments.

The striking features of our warehousing logistics services includes:

» Handle all kinds of goods storage with efficiency.
» Safety and privacy ensured.
» Quality control checks on entry and exit of goods.

Some of the prominent tips regarding the Warehousing / Storage are as follows---

1. The location of the warehousing/storage should be nearer to bus stand, railway station, and the airport, and in clean, green, and peaceful areas.

2. The warehousing/storage facilities should offer large, airy, and open space, and also the temperature and humidity control services.

3. The warehousing/storage must give better arrangements and facilities to avert damage, mutilation, deterioration, etc. of the materials or products receiving the services.

4. There must be prompt action and response at the beginning and end of the warehousing/ storage services.


Corporate Relocation

Corporate Relocation 

APM INDIA Relocation provides corporate goods relocation services, domestic and international transportation of household and corporate goods around the globe. With a long experience and strong network of road transportation, airline agents and ocean carriers, we provide complete door-to-door transportation, international good relocation servicesand domestic relocations with assurance that the goods will reach their destination without a scratch. Our commercial goods transportation services is available to transfer heavy machinery and working stations wherever you want. We have a team of professionals who have been in the industry for decades and thus know how best services can be made available to our customers.

Our corporate relocation services kolkata and all major city includes relocation of industrial equipment, furniture, fixtures, cabinets, computers, hospital equipment, vehicles both two wheelers and four wheelers and more to their desired location. To get the job done, we have computer assisted transportation, a worldwide network of relocation resources and a team of well experienced people. We ensure a timely, economical and efficient relocation.

Our comprehensive corporate relocation services kolkata and all major city are designed to save time, money and stress of the clients with solutions to each corporate goods relocation. We provide unparalleled service for relocation of office, business and industrial goods across the country. Our clientele includes several public and private sector organizations, small scale industries and corporations.


APM India is for entire relocating process for corporate offices. We at APM India understands every corporate need and schedule our plan differently. Each corporate relocation is different and our planning is totally different. Hiring service like ours helps you to gain a fresh experience. You office stuffs will move to the newer location without any hasles and you will not at all feel the tiredness of moving. Often new moves lead to invigoration within the organization, helps the industries to improve the morale of their employe and consequently the production increases. If you are not moving just because of the problem of moving APM India is their with all your solutions. Hire our services and you will get a fresh and memorable moving experience.

Industrial Packaging Relocation

Industrial Packaging Relocation

Industrial relocation is often a necessary though complicated undertaking. Several factors are involved which must each be carried out successfully in order to achieve a smooth and fully functioning industrial relocation project. Whether relocating entire facilities or just moving single units of machinery, both objectives require meticulous planning and precise management in order to stay within budget and on schedule. It is also crucial to maintain a safe and regulated working environment at all steps of the process. Protocols to follow include equipment and electrical test certification, method statements, risk assessments, individual training records and lifting guidelines. All of these elements are fundamental to industrial relocation projects and cannot be completed effectively without the knowledge and expertise of relocating services.

ODC Relocation

ODC Relocation

Over the years of operation, Apm India Relocation has earned lot of experience & reputation in the field of ODC movements. We have handled multi interstate & intrastate ODC movements for big MNC companies.
APM INDIA Relocation follows the modern tracking system, providing pilot vehicles with proper experts for escorting the consignment to the destination. We are working dedicatedly and efficiently for "Door to Door" Service.
Heavy Goods and Machinary Relocation

Heavy Goods and Machinary Relocation

We will inspect your project completely. Assess the situation, requirements and listen to any concerns. Then, we will provide a stress free solution. Read our relocation tips
Our team of machinery movers, mobile machine operators and fitter/welders are extremely experienced. Professionals at all times -flexibility and competency are often mentioned by our clients in the way we apply ourselves to every project.

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