Donate products you do not use before moving

All the stuff which is no longer in use for you is may be useful for some other people who are in need. While moving there are so many things which we left behind or throw them as garbage because we do not require them. You throw them because you lack of the information that how where and whom to donate these things. There are so many things which you can donate before moving. As we know we have mainly three categories of people in India i.e., upper class, middle class and lower class, people falls under upper class are richer section people who consume products according to changing technologies, for example mobile phone they use to change their phones time to time according to new technologies available in market and the older phone is of no use, so they can donate their mobile to some needy person who can’t afford mobile phone it will be a treasure to him.

Also there are some benefits of donating things, no other joy is greater than joy of helping someone, it is a spiritually healing thing, it also helps you in staying organised because things which are not in use is better to remove it provide more space and a better management of things. So it’s always advisable to donate as much of belongings as you do not want while moving from one place to another.

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