5 things that make Bangalore the most liveable city in India

According to a survey it is concluded that Bangalore ranked among ten top most liveable cities of India. Bangalore is also called Bengaluru by the natives. Bangalore is also known as IT city, there are several factors which helped Bangalore to become a liveable city. Five most important things which make it a liveable city of India are as follow:


First most important thing is growth and development, Bangalore is a city which had shown an unstoppable increase in development. Modern infrastructure, low crime rate, high air quality and growing work opportunities made Bangalore a dream city. It is showing a remarkable growth in every part of the city.


Secondly, the cleanliness, waste management of the city is very good. Proper usage of dustbins, garbage free roads, and management of garbage helps to make the city clean. The waste management staff has divide the waste in two categories degradable waste and non-degradable waste.


In terms of affordable residence, Bangalore is the city which provides you choices in accommodation, and even a middle class person can also buy his own residence in Bangalore which is quite difficult in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. The other thing is work opportunity; this is a city which provides you a large amount of work opportunities for people searching employments Bangalore is specially known for its IT sector.

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